Chipku- Neem Cake Powder/neem Cake Fertilizer 900 Grams
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Chipku- Neem Cake Powder/neem Cake Fertilizer 900 Grams

Neem Cake Powder/neem Khali/neem Cake Fertilizer 900 Grams Fertilizer

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Neem Cakes are more cost efficient because the fertilizer in them lasts longer. The Neem Cake remains effective until the next crop is planted because of its long sustaining organic fertilizer compounds too. This, in turn, cuts the cost of having to add extra nutrients; always a bonus. This soil amendment is twofold. It will provide a better crop yield because it will provide the nutrients that crops need. And secondly, it helps to cure diseases and will control the growth of nematodes and harmful plant pathogens. Plus, the crop yield is15-25% higher when using Neem Cakes than with any other fertilizer. Neem Cakes can also improve the organic content of the soil by providing lots of micro and macro nutrients. This also improves the fertility of the soil in which your plants or crops are planted. The use of Neem Cakes too will increase the water holding capability of the soil and improve soil structure. With the soil improvement there will be an increase in beneficial organisms like earthworms also. Plus, Neem Cakes will control harmful organisms like nematodes and pathogens. And the use of these cakes reduces the alkaline content in the soil because when they decompose, this produces organic acids.

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