Amish_Ant Repellent spray 250
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Amish_Ant Repellent spray 250

Amish-Ant Repellent Spray Special Ready to Use Spray for Home, Office, Warehouse Ant Spray

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Ant is commonly found pest in everyone’s house. These tiny insects live together in colonies. This is most annoying pest of the house as it starts the trail from fallen food particles within few minutes. Ants get attracted towards sweet, fats and oils and sometimes even towards to water, when any single ant founds the food source it helps other ants to gather food to the nest. Ants build their nest in walls, in potted plants or in cavities. It does not cause structural damage to house but considered as pest because it is responsible for food contamination. Amish ant repellent spray is the easiest way to keep home ant free. It is made with the safety intention for humans. This spray is completely plant based.The ants mostly live in the gaps and grooves, Ex Below the sink, narrow cracks, cervices. So, use the Amish ant repellent spray in this all places where ant colonies are present. When the ants comes in contact with spray liquid on the floor and smells the liquid on their body, it slowly becomes irritating to them, as a result the ant prefer to ran away and sometimes get killed due to the spray. So as their population in our home starts decreasing and we get healthy as well as ant free peaceful life. The spray should be used in 24 months of manufacturing date

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