Chipku Rat Rodent Mouse Cage Trap for Home chuha chuhe ka pi
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Chipku Rat Rodent Mouse Cage Trap for Home chuha chuhe ka pi

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Chuhe ka pinjara Rat Cage

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Chuhe ka pinjara Rat Cage

Rodent control is simply the application of rodenticides. Trapping is often considered too difficult and labour intensive to be viable. But the advantages of using physical methods of rodent management are numerous, particularly in the changing regulatory environment and the ever-increasing demands of commercial clients and auditors. Chipku rat cage trap is simple and hassle free option to catch the rats Usage Instructions- Just keep/hang a piece of bread /roti /chapatti peanut butter on it for the rat/mouse .The moment rat enters the cage and tries to eat kept the cage will close by releasing the door with the help of springs attached . So the lock moves and releases the moment its pulled by the mouse to eat or take out the food from the hanging iron pin. Rat Cage traps have been around forever, but they still form an integral part of an integrated rodent management program. Selecting a non-toxic control method has obvious benefits to the environment and of course completely eliminates the risk of an accidental non-target poisoning. Additionally, carcass retrieval is much easier when you know where to look! Trapping rodents (particularly rats), can seem daunting to professional pest control without experience, but it needn’t be. The key is to take into account the natural neophobia – that is a fear of new objects – displayed by rats. It can take several days for rats to approach unfamiliar objects. A great tip is to install the rat bone traps unset for at least a few days to allow the rodent population to become comfortable with them prior to setting.

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